Hello! My name is Ben and I'm a wanderer. In fact I tend to live life based on adventure. It keeps things a little more interesting, wouldn't you say? I go where the road takes me but I tend to make things happen by starting in a certain direction then working with a clean slate from there. I take better images that way.

One of my more recent adventures took place after watching Seven Year's in Tibet, you know, the movie with Brad Pitt? Anyway, my team was sitting around sipping Coke (in a glass bottle - it's better that way), then the discussion began. "Hey, wouldn't it be great to meet and photograph the Dalai Lama?" to which the reply was, a unanimous, "Yes!!" So, leaving it with my Studio Manager and after a year of coercing with gatekeepers, I was in and really did get to meet the 14th Dalai Lama while I had the opportunity to capture his portrait. Meeting him was fantastic, a story worth telling perhaps in a future blog post - and my photo led to awards and honorable mentions.



I've had work featured in galleries and magazines throughout North America, including a feature in New York City’s Times Square but the most important thing to me is always "the photo" and so we started up this print website, Ben's Art Den™.

Jay Maisel, North America's top photographer "who trained me up in the way I must go" taught me all about light, colour and gesture and when I'm out and about I live out Jay's legacy and carry on his words of photography wisdom (which are an utter delight for me to share). You will see tons of images from NYC (my second home) and the prints on this website are sent out from right here in Canada; we use only the best paper and canvas prints which are made to last.

I continue to travel and make art for you and your walls, always on the hunt for works that will inspire. When I'm not in the city, I swing the pendulum and head out to the absolute wilderness and my awesome team continues to work on, vowing to provide the best service to you. 

Check out our site which offers prints and gifts and other great stuff and if you ever want to drop us a line, please feel free anytime. We are at info [at] bensartden.com

Thanks for dropping by and keep on adventuring!

~ Ben