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When I'm home, I've always loved having certain things around me to make things just a little more comfortable. My work and my home lifestyle led me to add these mugs to my everyday rituals and I wanted to share them with you.

Behind each of these small comforts, truly, when I am out traveling or out on my next shoot, I find if I bring one with me, it reminds me of home and reminds me of what is important, keeps the home fires burning! You can actually put them on the stove-top and cook with them. No, really!!


Soy candles too. They burn cleanly, without emitting any toxic substances. They burn up to 50% longer than toxic paraffin candles. The other nice thing and most important, they are perfect for people suffering from allergies (like me).

Once they burn up, you can use them as mugs. Naturally! 

Love these babies... and love 'em big. Now available on my site under "Gift Ideas".  Enjoy! 

~ Ben's Art Den
...with the humble is wisdom. Prov 11:2

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