A Dangerous Adventure at Washington Square Park

The World is indeed My Wilderness and Washington Square Park in New York City is no different!

Many day’s have been peaceful visits here but on one very early morning after the St Patrick’s day parade, I and my camera found ourselves walking up to a crazy scene...a man was standing over a figure sleeping on a bench holding a very heavy steel garbage lid cover ready to drop it on the sleeping man’s head!

“Hey!!!” I yell out “Heeeyy” a second time. The man stops, turns to look at me, drops the cover and starts charging towards me. I lift my paparazzi lens, snap off a few images of him, drop the attached camera to my side and then start charging towards him in return. He stops, not quite sure what to do...I’m still coming at him...he turns and runs! 🏃 Phew. Disaster averted.

The sleeping man stirs completely unaware, rolls over and continues on. I’ve had to face the lion a few times in this life, most times, (not always) they do turn tail. Most times...

~ Ben


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