Photography in the Woodlands

Wandering the woods; it is something that I do often and it tends to hold me back from venturing out farther. Meaning, the woods are local and dear to me. I grew up in and around this forest and it calls out to me every season. Despite the starkness of spring, there are beautiful photographs to be found in the renewal, often unseen unless you spend a lot of time here, looking, watching and waiting.

(Working with the new Fuji XT3 - photo stacking on the go.. completely portable) 

My photog-dog Jenny is only 5 months old and now accompanies me everywhere.

As we walk through the forest, everything is new to her. She keeps close to me as we walk and her nose is to the ground constantly. I have discovered that she is both very much a herder and a hunter. Always exploring and "criss-cross", herding me in certain directions. She is so very loyal and good-natured but I have also discovered she has a fighting streak in her as well.


On this particular day, as we walked down a remote path together, we came across a couple down the path with a black lab-cross that was off the leash.

The dog came running at us and as I prepared myself for battle, Jenny's teeth were out and she ran straight back at the dog on the run, chasing him off, keeping him at bay. 


I was impressed with her defence, especially at such a young age! Loyal and protective, she definitely keeps her eye on everything, not to mention, she is full of surprises! After just 2 months of her being with me, her command understanding has heightened and she knows and understands more than even she might admit.


(My Producer and I in shadow with Jenny)

(Jenny is a loyal companion and an excellent herder!)

After a spring day in the Forest, we discovered a few photos that I have posted online in prints (click on the image titles below to see more):



Pausing for a break... 

Mallards in the water
Ducks in the Water - a serene scene



PRINT: "Cedars in the Wind" - Now Available!


"The Loon" - Now Available here

"Sepia Spring", Forest Scene - available here


"Wintered Trees" - Now Available!


PRINT: "The Upper Trees" - now available!


Now that our first forest trip to the woods is over and I see how well Jenny has done on our remote photography walks, it has opened the door to more possibilities.

As we push on through each new adventure, my Jenny dog becomes more and more familiar with my way of life and, candidly, I can't seem to remember what it was like 3 months ago - before she was here, that is - she has added such a vital element to my photography adventures! 

Nothing like a good loyal pup to accompany one on their quests. It's the stuff made of boyhood dreams. 

Until next time....

"I awoke today and found the frost perched on the town
It hovered in a frozen sky, then it gobbled summer down
When the sun turns traitor cold
And all trees are shivering in a naked row
I get the urge for going but I never seem to go
I get the urge for going
When the meadow grass is turning brown" ~ Joni Mitchell



~ Ben and Jenny

PS: We are on instagram and videos and more behind the scenes can be seen here

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