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Photography in the Woodlands

Wandering the woods; it is something that I do often and it tends to hold me back from venturing out farther. Meaning, the woods are local and dear to me. I grew up in and around the woods and it calls out to me every season. Despite the starkness of spring, there are beautiful photographs to be found everywhere...

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A Dangerous Adventure at Washington Square Park

Many day’s have been peaceful visits but on one very early morning after the St Patrick’s day parade, I and my camera found ourselves walking up to a crazy scene...a man was standing over a figure sleeping on a bench holding a very heavy steel garbage lid cover ready to drop it on the sleeping man’s head!

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New Beginnings

The creative process of my online shop has officially begun! My world travels and gathering of art and photography has been the best journey one could ever take on. My search has not just been for great photos, but for the best printing and highest quality imaginable materials; (as close as to museum grade that you are going to get!) each print is created with care and made to last 200 years!    I want to thank you for joining me here on my creative journey and in my literal journey's too. Follow me here via newsletter and on Instagram for updates and all the latest. I look forward to more adventures and sharing them with you!  Happy Adventures!  ...

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